Wednesday, 10 December 2014


There are different types of  movies like horror movie , love story etc. Funny movie is a type of movie which likes every body.Funny movies or funny clips are a different value in a film industry.
          The Funny movie change the mood of a person in a minute.Nowadays every body is busy in their work. They have a one ambition to Earn more and more money in a short time.They have no time to enjoy their life.Because they have tens about their Business.How to improve their work Business.They have lot of tension about their work.
           They have no time to watch 3 hours film.So they prefare to watch a short movie which is fully entertain them.So their first priority is that the movie did not take much time and entertain them.Therefore the people watch Funny movies and Funny clips.Because they take short time but fully entertain them.

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